My Contributions to Learning

Hi friends!

As the semester comes to an end I have been tasked with showing how I have helped contribute to other people’s learning throughout the semester. In hindsight one of the places I was most active on was Twitter. On Twitter I would typically share different sources that I found helpful for a pre-serves teacher such as myself as well as just participating in chats such as #saskedchat. Here are some screenshots of things I have shared and comments I have made on Twitter:

I also was tasked with commenting on other people’s blogs which I could find here.

From Karter’s week one learning project blog.
From Kaitlin’s blog.

Something that I didn’t think would happen through my use of WordPress is that I would help people outside of my class learn new things. This happened on my blog post about GrowIt! where the co-founder of the app commented (pictured below) on my blog asking me if I would like to talk to him about trying to incorporate the app into the classroom. I was kind of sceptical about this comment, but after I did some cyber-sleuthing I found out that he actually is the co-founder of the app. While I didn’t think that a tiny blog such as mine would be so noticable by people that I have never even met before, this just shows me that what I do on the internet has a bigger impact than I originally thought.

And lastly, the last place where I was somewhat active was on Slack. I didn’t really know what to comment onto Slack since I was decently active on Twitter with sharing things that I found on Feedly along with my learning project. However, there were a few instances where I answered questions on Slack.

Overall I would typically try to share things with my peers that I felt would help us in our future career as educators. I often found many different sources for ways to bring in EdTech in the classroom. I learned that the education community on Twitter is extremely helpful for learning new things that I otherwise might not have found and I enjoyed sharing new ideas and findings on there as well to contribute to the community’s learning as they have helped contribute to mine.


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  1. I really liked how you organized this post! I was kind of stumped on how I could best show my contributions to other people’s learning, but I think you gave such a nice example! I could really tell how active you were on each platform, and how you gave suggestions to further people’s learning. Great job! Your post has inspired me and given me ideas on how to effectively show my contributions to others learning. Thanks!

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