Baking 101: Gluten-Free Baking

For my learning project I have decided to explore baking and cake decorating. Currently I do work in a bakery as a cake decorator and just as a standard clerk. While I do have some experience with cake decorating I have limited experience with baking, that is the only experience I have is baking with my Grandma when I was under ten years old. However below I will include some of the decorating that I have done since being in my current work position:

To begin my journey I had to buy the essentials: dye, pans, piping bags, flour, etc. For most of these things I walked on over to Bulk Barn. It took some time to figure out exactly what I needed but I can already tell that Bulk Barn is going to be my best friend during this journey.

This week I decided to give myself a challenge because why not? I am will be attempting to make a gluten-free lemon cake with dairy-free buttercream icing. For decorating I planned on doing some cute little roses along with other flowers. I chose buttercream icing because through my work I have learned that buttercream is much more, for lack of a better work, sturdy than royal or brille icing because as buttercream gets cold it hardens whereas the other two icings stay fairly whipped.

Update: I am realizing how difficult working with gluten free baking is. Without the gluten, the cake (or whatever you are making) tends to fall apart because gluten is what holds it together. That being said, the actual cake part turned out very moist and delicious, however, the decorating did not turn out as well. Because I had decided on using buttercream frosting it meant that any time that I tried to spread out the icing it would pick up part of the cake and it turned out just being a very crummy mess.

Within this first experience I have learned not to use buttercream on gluten-free baking, or even just don’t do gluten-free baking with the purpose of decorating it unless absolutely necessary. The cake was delicious, but the decorating was so bad that it did not meet the standards that I set for myself. So while this may seem like a flop I have also learned a lot from this experience.

This week I also worked on my icing flower techniques also of cupcakes following some of the videos listed above. Here is the end result:




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